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Address: 707 E Carson Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89101

Telephone: (702) 534-1515

Business type: Lunch restaurant

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The restaurant offers an amazing breakfast/brunch experience with all their dishes being fantastic. One of the highlights is their delicious omelette. The restaurant is also known for its unique dishes like the truffles egg sandwich, which is cooked to perfection and is absolute heaven for the taste buds.

One of the special dishes that this restaurant offers is the Roasted Chicken Eggs Benedict, which is so good that it's hard to put in words. They also serve a classic favorite, a grilled cheese made with aged cheddar on thick sourdough bread, served with tomato soup. Another unique dish is the fried deviled eggs, which are very good.

The restaurant provides top-notch service and the atmosphere is relaxing and comfortable. The orange chairs add a unique touch to the ambiance. The restaurant is also a part of the Downtown Project, which is a testament to its success and popularity.

For vegetarians, the restaurant offers options like Oatmeal. The food is like a work of art and is prepared in a very unique way, making it an absolute must-try for everyone.

In light of tragic events, the restaurant crew volunteers their time for community events. All proceeds of ticket sales from these events are donated to the Las Vegas Victims Fund. This shows the restaurant's commitment to the community and its people.

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