Reviews Downtown Tattoo - Las Vegas

Address: 1106 E Fremont St, Las Vegas, NV 89101, United States

Telephone: (702) 541-8282

Business type: Tattoo shop

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Customers have had a variety of positive experiences with the tattoo artists at this shop. They have praised the artists for their clean line work, soft hand, and ability to bring their ideas to life. One customer mentioned that the artist they worked with was able to match a new tattoo to pre-existing ones. Another customer appreciated that an artist took the time to discuss their tattoo idea and advised them to think more about it to ensure they were 100% sure. The artists were also described as awesome, talented, friendly, and helpful.

Customers have described the shop as a great place with a welcoming and safe atmosphere. They have mentioned that it feels safe for women and that the team are lovely humans. The shop was also described as clean and beautiful. One customer mentioned that they loved the vibes at the shop.

Customers have given high ratings for the quality of the tattoos they received. They have described the tattoos as rad, quality work, and amazing. One customer mentioned that their tattoo healed up great and that they were super happy with it. Another customer was obsessed with their tattoo, even though it was based on a wild idea.

Customers have praised the shop for its excellent customer service. They have mentioned that the team was super kind and helpful. One customer appreciated that they were received perfectly well and taken care of even though they arrived at the last minute for a walk-in. Another customer thanked an artist for helping them to always have their mom with them through a tattoo.

Customers have expressed that they would highly recommend this shop to others. They have also mentioned that they plan to return to the shop. One customer said they would definitely be back the next time they were in town. Another customer mentioned that they would go back to the shop for another tattoo the next time they were in Vegas.

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